Corn Production & Consumption in Indonesia

This means that every minute, Made able to make 43 the planting hole, insert seed, as well as close the planting hole. Planting time was very short. Compare with the time of planting the planters in general. To plant corn on land of 1 ha, a gardener need 20 labor. They menugal aka make the planting hole with a wooden pole which is pointed, insert the corn seeds into the planting hole, and close the planting hole. Time? Assisted 20 labor, planters that spend 8 hours of work.

Although the work of a self in quick time, the result is neat. Planting holes regularly within a 0.75 m x 1 m. The speed of the Made work because he uses a planting machine of the draft Ir Joko Pitoyo, a researcher of agricultural machinery in the ministry of Agriculture, Serpong, Tangerang Municipality, South.

It's not just fast, but also effi cient. Therefore, the consumption of fuel in the form of premium only 1 liter per hour or Rp22.500/5 hours. The rental cost of the machine 200.000/day. So the total cost of all planting Rp222.500. With 20 labor, a gardener to pay Rp500.000 when the cost of any people Rp25.000 per day. It means Made able to save Rp277.500 for the cost of planting by the following corn cultivation method given by

Pull tractor

Corn seed planter machine it's made of iron. Its shape is like a mini-bike sized about 1 m. Front wheel specialized disc double that serves to make a groove for planting. While the rear wheel like the wheel of a hardener way small, diameter 40 cm, its function as drive wheels.

The machine it is associated in the rear of the tractor which draws the machine planter of seeds. ‘Usually farmers grow crops after rice harvest. That time tractor idle because there are no rice fields plowed. Therefore be used to pull the planter machine seed,’ said Joko Pitoyo.

Made using tractor wheels 4 so as to draw a minimum of 3 planters corn. However, if the planters utilizing a wheeled tractor 2, quite attractive 2 planter machine. The distance antarmesin planter corn 1 m. When the tractor is run, the planter machine works by making the planting hole, then insert the seed, and close the planting hole.

Seed planter machine crops it is equipped with a tool opening of the groove, the box container with a capacity of 5 kg, dispense the seed, and cover flow. When the engine is started opening groove in the form of a disc of double will make the planting hole as deep as 5 cm. The rotation of the wheel machine automatically moves the measuring instrument of the seed. As a result the seed corn in the box of the container fall into the planting hole.

After that cover the grooves sweep away chunks of the land of the former quarry the disc opener of the groove to cover the planting hole. Planter machine seed removing the seeds uniform in number and spacing. Each hole 2 seeds and planting distance of 75 cm. That's because the measuring instrument of the seeds on the machine just dropped a seed according to the movement of the wheels. One-time play drop 2 seeds.

Compare when ditugal, sometimes the number of seeds that are inserted into the holes is not uniform and the distance of planting is also irregular. The working capacity of the machine if drawn tractor 4 wheel with 6 rows of plants ranges from 2.5 – 3 hours/ha. While the tractor wheels 2 with 3 rows of plants ranges from 4 – 5 hours/ha.

When arriving at the end of the land, Made lifting the machine weighs 20 kg of it. He moved the machine to the next lane, and so on. Planter machine seed is designed lightweight and can be moved manually with ease. Musababnya, the condition of the agricultural land is generally expanse and between the plot is only separated by the embankment of the small streets.

According to Joko, planter machine seed able to work on dry land or wavy results of piracy and penggaruan. Because the machine berkontruksi swing arm fl exible so as to adjust with the condition of the land that is not average.


In addition, Ir Amir Soediro Notoyudo, the consultant of agriculture in Yogyakarta also developed a tool planter seeds is simple. He created a machine for planting soybean is named sintale. Components consist of a pusher like the handlebars on the bike, frame, seed metering device alias unwinding seed, chain transmission, drive wheels, singkal, hoarders planting hole, and the wheel bearing.

The machine weighs 6 kg, it is easy to carry to everywhere. Understandably the length of just 125 cm, width 40 cm, and height 80 cm. When the handlebars are pushed – the tool without the fuel – singkal work holes in the soil every 20 cm. The depth of the planting hole uniform 3 – 5 cm.

By turning the tap seed metering device, 3 grains soybeans fall from the unwinding of the seed right at the bottom of the planting hole. The hole that contains the seed was then backfilled by pengurug. With sintale, a gardener only takes 3 – 4 days to plant Glycine max in 1 ha of land.


Planters usually plant crops still use a drill that requires a lot of labor and a long time, 20 working days. Use of such a machine made Made and Amir facilitate the farmers, economical, and practical. The problem of course is not just labor. However, when urbanization menderas, it is difficult to obtain labor. Not easy to search for people who want to work in the garden. ‘Sometimes have to wait a few days to be able to use their services,’ said Made.

Joko Pitoyo said the use of the machine is one way of maintaining food security in the middle of the reduced labor agriculture. ‘The amount of labor involved with agriculture in Indonesia fell from year to year. In 1996 there are 22,6-million workforce. A year later will be a of 22.1-million. The trend will continue to fall because people prefer to work in the non-agricultural sector,’ said the alumnus of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Bogor Agricultural university.

The use of the machine cuts the time of work and dependence on labor. With a machine planter of the seeds that is Made and the Amir could land planted with quickly and efficiently